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The TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin roofing. However, this technology does not use plastic but rather a rubber which is usually a combination of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. TPO is made up of scrim reinforcement and synthetic, chemically bonded to produce a superior and strong sheet to cover the roof. TPO roofing is typically produced in single sheets with sizes of 12, 15, or 20 feet wide. Such sheet sizes can also be custom-cut to fit the edges and other objects in your roofs. This type of roofing is typically used for commercial roofing systems and could last up to thirty years if installed and maintained well. TPO makes use of single-ply membrane roofing which can deflect ultraviolet (UV) waves while allowing the building to conserve energy and utility costs.

TPO roofing is growing more popular than any other roofing technology nowadays. Business owners opt for TPO roofing because of its cost efficiency and effectiveness in business operation. If you are looking at decreasing the operational costs of your business or just looking to cut electrical expenses, you might want to consider TPO roofing technology. With this, you will get the most return for your investment.

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Why choose TPO roofing?

With proper installation and maintenance, TPO roofing can last up to 30 years. TPO roofing uses materials with lower costs but at the same time, offers outstanding performance most especially its resistance capacity against ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposures. With its white color characteristics, it also reflects heat caused by exposure to sunlight allowing your roofing to be cooler and minimizes its heat capacity which benefits the cooling systems of your building.

According to research and study, the new construction roofing such as TPO roofs has also been found to experience mildew or algae growth and dirt buildups. With this ability, it does not often require pressure washing or other types of cleaning which most of the businesses find costly and laborious in the maintenance department. It is indeed, the perfect roof for busy homeowners and businesses alike.

TPO roofing is easier to install compared to traditional roofing systems. Since its usual application is through the installation of large single sheets and is pre-manufactured, the installation turnaround time can be substantially lesser. By choosing the TPO roofing system, you are one step closer to saving money from installation, maintenance, and up to commercial roof replacement and commercial roof repair.

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What do you need to consider in switching to a TPO roof system?

There are quite a number of things to consider when choosing TPO roofing. While it may seem to be very basic, these considerations are very important for our roofers to know the specific design and functionality of your roof needs. The first basic consideration is the size of your roof. This will allow us to know the extent of the requirement and will also allow us to draft a fast quotation for your roofing needs. Secondly, if you have existing roofing, we must know the condition of your roof. It is essential to know the condition of the roof since the application and installation of TPO roofing require specific conditions of the surface for its optimal benefit. Thirdly, your insulation and membrane choice are two deciding factors of what specific TPO roofing technology is available for you. Lastly, the type of warranty depends on how you use your roof and how you want it to be safe from damages. We can offer various warranties depending on these conditions.

How can I save money with TPO roofing?

Science and research have its purpose of bringing the best material and technology for commercial uses and bringing down the overhead costs by simply achieving optimality rate. The reason why TPO roofing typically uses bright white sheets is that it has a high reflective property allowing it to deflect the sunlight back and decrease its heat capacity enormously. With this, UV rays and heatwaves are deflected back instead of being absorbed by the material. This in turn requires lesser energy consumed by building cooling systems and saves operational costs during the summer.

Maintenance costs are relatively very low because TPO roofing does not require maintenance as frequent as other roofing types. During maintenance, it only requires a low-pressure water hose to clean the surface and light scrubbing. Dirt and other debris are easily washed away because it has a property that does not allow unwanted elements to stick on the surface.

How do I benefit from a TPO Roofing System?

There are various benefits of TPO roofing systems such as its cost-efficiency. But TPO roofing is not only limited to its economic benefits. It also is an eco-friendly alternative since TPO roof membranes can be recycled. These membranes can be detached with the proper tools to be reprocessed and recycled. This will make the roofing system more conducive.

Many businesses look to cut energy costs. TPO roofing is just the right alternative because of its ability to resist ultra-violet (UV) rays and heat waves that in turn keep the indoors cooler. Such benefits will cause your energy consumption to be much lower.

Durability is one of the TPO roofing’s characteristics. With our skilled roofers, we can guarantee you a durable material properly installed to last for decades with less maintenance needed.

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Why choose TPO roofing with us?

Palm Bay Premier Roofing is known to employ techniques that not many commercial roofing companies use. We exclusively and proudly use state-of-the-art tools and advanced knowledge in the planning, designing, and application of TPO roofing. We always treat our clients as our family and we always uphold the importance of safety, security, and functionality. We value projects and we aim to bring you the best technology for all your roofing needs.

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