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Commercial roofs and residential roofs seem to do the same job, but commercial roofs actually require a more specialized skill of engineered design to meet the requirement of your building. 

Commercial roofs tend to have a flat roof or a low slope roofing which allows more ceiling space and other installments on the roofing such as ventilation systems. The building size typically determines the slope of the roofing. A larger building tends to have a more flat-looking roof due to its horizontal stretch and a smaller building tends to have a slightly pitched roofing. Commercial roofing plays a vital role in the building’s health and integrity. It takes a proper roofing system considering its materials, and weight to keep the building’s health upright for decades. 

Palm Bay Premier Roofing offers durable and economical solutions for your commercial roofing needs. In our company, we acknowledge that the first step towards a safe, and economical roofing solution is to know what our customers need. Thus, we do not just offer solutions, but we take time to know your business, how it operates, and how we could be of help to you. 

We also offer top-quality metal roofing, standing seam metal roof installation, TPO roofing, roof repair, roof leak repair, and roof inspections. Trust that we act fast to provide any urgent roof hail damage inspections and roof storm damage inspections.

Our Expertise in Commercial Roofing

Palm Bay Premier Roofing is an expert in designing your commercial roofing needs. This includes requirements both in terms of functionality and style. At Palm Bay Premier Roofing, functionality always meets style and this has made us a trusted and reliable roofing company in the area. 

We believe that while functionality is important, style cannot be left behind as the two must always go hand in hand. We understand that as commercial establishments, our exterior can either make a good or a bad impression, and roofs are primarily functional in protecting your investment, it can also do a great job in promoting and helping it if done correctly.

Our commercial roofing services cover the roofing needs of industrial, small and big offices, restaurants, hotels, and other leisure industries, government, and manufacturing and retail centers. We have catered to numerous small, medium, and large businesses. Our years of experience in the roofing service industry have taught us one of the most important things: How can we guarantee your protection? With this learning, we have gathered and sourced various materials, employed different techniques, and used solutions for your roofing needs. Our leading roofers are equipped with advanced and latest tools and skills to meet your roofing requirements. Whether EPDM roofing or rubber roofing, tile commercial roofing, low slope roofing, or flat roof, or installing standing seam metal roof, we can handle it.

Commercial Roofing technology

Commercial roofing also requires a more advanced roofing technology compared to the roofing requirements of your home. While most of us think that roofing is basic and needs no advancement of technology regardless of its use, we must inform you that through the roofing, your safety is met. Because your roofing is primary protection from the outside elements such as rain, heat, and wind, it is very important to invest in a good roofing system with the best roofers and roofing contractors. With materials carefully researched, specifically engineered, and meticulously sourced, our commercial roofing materials are characterized by high resistance to extreme temperatures and climate changes. This technology-based roofing also optimizes efficiency integrating environmental changes to energy consumption which translates to lower operational costs and expenses.

Commercial roofs are versatile and require very low maintenance. Because of its high durability, and the ability to withstand all climates, the commercial roofs that we use are cost-effective and will require less maintenance, thus, substantially decreasing the chance of unwanted and unplanned roof replacement. Our commercial roofing is easier to install, allowing you to save more, and potentially decrease your next roof replacement cost. Also, our flat roof or low slope roofing allows easier maintenance and cleaning which is very ideal for your business cleaning and maintenance services needs.

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What are Low-Sloped Roofs?

Seemingly flat, low-sloped roofs usually have a slope of fewer than three inches within a horizontal foot. Low-sloped roof applications are usually used for industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories. More so, it is also ideal for apartment buildings and condominium units for its low-slope functionality. Palm Bay Premier Roofing uses roofing systems that have hydrostatic characteristics. This means that the material acts as an effective water barrier. We specifically design commercial roofing to have a slight pitch to allow the water to run down to its designated water or rain gutter which then transports the water into a roof drain pipe or a downpipe for proper water and waste disposal. Also, this slight pitch mitigates still water or puddling which usually is the reason for damage and repair requirements. The low-sloped roofing also allows the installation of air conditioners, ventilation fans, or even solar panels to be more manageable if your business is targeting a more environmentally friendly operation. This type of roofing also has an excellent performance in strong winds during storms and cyclones. In cold climates, the freeze-thaw cycle is lesser than any other roofing system allowing lesser energy to defrost. In high-heat areas where the roof receives extreme exposure from the sun, low-sloped roofs perform better in deflecting UV radiation from the sun. Palm Bay Premier Roofing and its skilled roofers make sure that the roofing system is well-engineered to meet all weather conditions.

Why choose Flat or low-sloped roofs?

A flat roof is easier to install and that it is less expensive. Materials used in building and installing flat roofs are cheaper and much lighter. Its light characteristics require less labor, thus shortening the construction time. A flat roof is also easier to maintain because it can be walked on. It is also space-efficient and more space can be used for other purposes such as air conditioning exhaust machines or other ventilation systems. More so, the flat surface can also be used for solar panel installations which are ideal due to its ability to directly receive sunlight as it is directly facing the sun.

A flat roof also has high wind resistance and is specifically designed to withstand strong winds. Its flat surface helps in avoiding catching wild and strong winds. These characteristics tremendously help in allowing strong winds to pass by then to catch it and destroy the whole roofing.

How do we know which Commercial Roofing type should we use?

It always boils down to what type of business you operate. Usually, manufacturing and warehousing buildings use metal roofing as it is cost-efficient and has numerous advantages such as energy efficiency, fire resistance, light-weight, and stability. Because we specifically choose roofing systems for different roofing needs and budgets, it is best to call us and talk to our roofing contractors and consultants to know the commercial roof that is best for your establishment. We are incomparable from the other roofing companies in Palm Bay, FL.

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